Internet / WiFi

There are three PCs providing free internet access for the public on production of their library card.

(NOTE that before a Gloucestershire County Council Main Library can issue a Library Card to a person under 16, the applicant must have obtained a Parental Permission Form “PP form”, which has been  signed by a parent or guardian giving Parental Permission to use the Library. The signer must produce evidence of their name and address. The Applicant must then take the signed form and the evidence of the signer’s name and address to a GCC Main Library to authorise and record the Parental Permission Form.

Policy for Acceptable Use of our Computers

Conditions of access

You may only log in to computer sessions using your own library card or as an authorised visitor. You must not use someone else’s account to log in or access information.

Use by children aged under 16 is the responsibility of the named Guarantor.

Customer use may be blocked owing to outstanding fines
or overdue items.

Customer access to the People’s Network is subject to
acceptable use as defined in this policy.


Customers are responsible for saving work to a removable device, typically a memory stick, alternatively customers should email work in order to save a copy. Customers should be aware that some makes of
memory stick may not be accepted by Public Access
ComputersGloucestershire County Council take no responsibility for work that is lost.


Gloucestershire County Council is not able to guarantee that any transactions conducted over the Internet will be successful and accepts no liability for any goods or services requested through the Internet.
Neither will we accept any liability for identity theft
that occurs during use of the People‘s Network.


Acceptable usage


Is principally defined as, but not limited to:

  • Research/Study
  • Email
  • Online retail
  • Social networking
  • Entertainment/video streaming/games/
  • television
  • School work/homework

If any of the above involves listening to items,
including music or soundtracks, then this must be with the use of personal headphones.

Internet access is filtered. However, no filter can
guarantee 100% coverage. All activity on library computers is recorded and further action will be taken if a breach of this policy is suspected.


Unacceptable Usage

We ask all customers to act responsibly when using library computers. The following actions are not acceptable and may
result in your access to the service being withdrawn and the police being informed:

The displaying, sending or retrieving of material that may reasonably be deemed obscene, violent or offensive (text,
image or sound).
Participation in any activity which violates licensing or copyright law.
Any activity which seeks to gain unauthorised access to the Gloucestershire County Council Network or any external
networks nor any activity which seeks to damage or destroy computer hardware, peripherals, software or data belonging to Gloucestershire County Council.
Use of the Internet for any threatening or illegal activity, e.g. libel or personal harassment.
Causing a disturbance while using the computer or waiting for the computer
If you access information or receive information accidentally that is illegal or will cause offence you must disconnect immediately
Copying of sound recordings or film (including use of such material in presentations, broadcasts, websites). Permission from the rights holder has to be sought for such use.

 Microsoft Office software is available on the PCs. There are printing and copying facilities available at a charge (please see below).

Resources you can access from any computer (links below)You can log on to the following sites on any computer, using your Gloucestershire library card number. If you don’t have a library card, Join the library.

Resources you can access from a public library computer

At all libraries and Gloucestershire Archives

At Gloucester & Cheltenham Libraries

At Gloucester Library

  • COBRA – Complete Business Reference Advisor
  • MINT UK business database

Other useful websites for county library users.
Some of these websites can be used from home with your library card and some can only be used in a library.

  • The CyberLibrary – links to hundreds of websites chosen, described and organised by librarians from public library services across south-west England.
  • John Johnson Collection: an archive of printed ephemera – access using your library card
  • BFI Screenonline – definitive guide to British film and TV history. From library PCs only.

What you need to know about using our online resources;
you need a Gloucestershire Library card with a number that starts with 77 e.g. 771234123x or 7712341234.
When you login to a resource please enter your library card number without any spaces.
If your card has a different pattern of numbering please go to a County Council Main Library to get a new card
If you have and technical difficulties or questions about the Virtual Reference Library use the Ask us enquiry form 

All our libraries have computers with free access to the internet, as well as Microsoft Office, printing and networked reference information.  All computers have adaptive software.

How do I use a library computer?


To use a computer you must be a library member and agree to the libraries public computers Acceptable Use Agreement as set out in our

It is a good idea to book a computer in advance. Library members can reserve time on a computer either by booking on-line or by calling into a library.

We may be able to offer you a computer if you drop-in but you may have to wait quite a long time if there isn’t a computer available. It is always best to book in advance.

How can I book online?

You will need to sign in with your membership card number to book time on a computer in any of our libraries: book online.

If you are not already a member join here.

How long can I use them for?

You can use computers for up to 2 hours.  You can book up to 8 sessions in advance.

Special Services

Berkeley Books can access the Special Services provided by the Gloucestershire County Library Service e.g. Library Material for the Visually Impaired, Immobile etc.

Please contact the Library and we can help you or your friend